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In our most recent Whole Foods Market store opening in Bridgewater, NY, we had the opportunity to design eclectic details that embrace the township’s colonial architecture with a contemporary touch that resembles our modern world.

Entering the store one can be captivated by the floor to ceiling brick store facade that invites you into WFM’s ‘Plant & Plate’ store within in a store concept.  The natural brick ‘store’ is a home and garden concept that sells planters and plants, kitchen ware, bath, and home decor.




The “bird cage” light fixtures above the trunk base-marble table makes one feel inside a cozy greenhouse.  One forgets the high traffic at the produce bins next door.


Soffits and service walls are designed with a modern twist by using repetition and clean compositions. Accent walls incorporate colonial inspiration with ornamental tiles while using more eclectic designs and hues.


Coffee 2

The cool and smooth color palette, mixed with natural wood details, brighten up the coffee venue without forgetting linear and repetitive details on the dark teak wood counter face.  This area invites you to leave your shopping bags aside and enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee.


White, black, and grey Fireclay subway tiles in stacked and running bond patterns are found throughout the store. The clean and modern large-scale tile from Architectural Ceramics are contrasting the colonial details portrayed by wood and ornamental tiles.


It has been a great journey to be part of the interior design and architectural development of this store. Like many of the stores designed by STUDIOGEE Architecture, WFM -Bridgewater is a great example of a space that exalts Whole Foods Market values to nourish consumers with the highest quality of products while creating a high-end shopping experience for customers with unique design statements throughout the store.

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