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DIY: USB Wall Outlet


Since almost all of our devices are now charged by USB cables, it seems like wall outlets should start including USB ports as well.  Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to add them to your existing outlets.

Upgrade a Wall Outlet to Charge USB Devices [Lifehacker]

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Dog House by Frank Lloyd Wright

I saw this article about a dog house that Frank Lloyd Wright designed in 1956 and couldn’t help but think about the Barkitecture competition coming up this summer.

The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built [Gizmodo]

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IKEA Hacks

IKEA Hackers is a great website showcasing many cool ideas involving re-purposed IKEA furniture.  I’ll admit some of the pieces aren’t the greatest looking but I enjoy seeing the design intent of each project and how they attempted to build it.

IKEA Hackers